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Jac Vanek is the face of a passionate and free-spirited youth who are fueled by adventure, exploration, and self discovery. Witty, edgy, and expressive messaging make every Jac Vanek item an incredible conversation starter. With clever references to various aspects of pop culture, each design has a personal message and a story that forms an intimate connection with the customer. The Jac Vanek brand was created honestly and humbly, from the dirty DIY ground up, and it continues to defy long-standing notions, standards, and boundaries of the fashion industry. Jac Vanek represents the movers, the shakers, the ones who are brave enough to follow what they truly want in life.



About Jac Vanek

At the turn of this millennium and before “blogging” went mainstream, Jac shared an intimate look into her young adult life on the original blogging platform: LiveJournal. Sharing her poetry, photography, and life experiences of growing up in the music scene, she quickly drew interest from her peers around the country. Jac’s journal gained a massive online following and transformed her identity into one of the original “bloggers”, and a fashion and music influencer of her generation. Seeing the opportunity generating at her fingertips, Jac launched into the fashion world with an unassuming medium: branded rubber wristbands featuring catchy hashtag-like phrases from her personal vernacular. These statement bracelets quickly captured the attention of her fans, retailers, and countless celebrities around the globe, launching her brand into overnight success. With a growing momentum behind her, Jac expanded the brand by offering graphic-driven knitwear, vintage reconstructed pieces, limited edition cut and sew, and a full range of accessories that encompass everything Jac loves in life: music, travel, art, humor, and empowerment. As Jac matures and evolves personally, the brand remains in tune with the pulse of the ever-changing teen and college style trends while reinventing itself along the way.



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